FAQ About T Power Pilates

All you need to do click on book the class and follow the simple steps in our online booking system. We recommend to use First create account then follow the prompts to enter the details and you are ready to book the classes your desire for.

If you’re on the go and not in from of your computer you can download the app on your device and simply book your classes while on the go.

We always recommend you start with our Intro Offer for new clients. That’s where you get familiar with Pilates equipment and you will be introduced to fundamental of Pilates. From there you can explore our group classes or you may keep with the private sessions or perhaps do combination of both.

Please contact us by clicking on “Inquire Now” button and filling out the pop up inquiry form to arrange the best suitable time for both you and the instructor to personalise your private session.

Please wear comfortable workout clothing. For hygiene purposes we require your bring a bath size towel and to improve your feel on the reformer and studio floor during classes, please bring clean grip socks. They will be are available to purchase in the studio. For the rest of Mat Pilates classes please bring your yoga mat.

Pilates is for everyone and we are welcoming clients with all skills ability and fitness level. As you will be working on your strength, mobility and flexibility and regularly attending our classes you will be able to participate and complete the same exercises within your own range of movement.

The recommendation is 2-3 times a week to achieve the greatest opportunity to maximise and see results. If you can attend once a week but please make sure you keep the consistency.

It is safe to attend our regular Pilates classes up until 16 weeks of pregnancy or until end of 1st trimester depending of the individuals. After that we offer both Pre and Post Natal classes which is highly recommended to safely maintaining the strength of your postural muscles and stability of your pelvic floor. For any pregnancy issues and to continuing exercising we are requesting the clearance from your doctor

To safely return back to exercising we highly recommend you start with our Post Natal Pilates class. For the natural birth it is recommended after 6 weeks of delivery your baby and C-section it is after 8 weeks. It is required to bring the clearance to exercise from your doctor. Our Pre Post Natal classes are suitable for Pregnancy, Post natal and beginners. You can be as young as 13 year of age to start participating both Mat and Reformer classes.

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