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If youre looking for pilates classes Sydney, Go with T-Power Pilates. They provide a full range of Reformer and Mat, group and private classes over 6 days a week.

We provide a full range of Reformer and Mat, group and private classes over 6 days a week.

Whether you want to get stronger, improve posture, increase flexibility, or just feel more connected to your body, Pilates can do that for you and more. There is no other form or exercise quite like it.

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We provide a full range of Reformer and Mat, group and private classes over 6 days a week.

Reformer Semi

The Reformer class is designed to strengthen and stretching every single muscle in various positions and it provides fun filled experience all over whole body workout. This class is suitable for everyone from the beginner to intermediate level including prenatal clients up to 16 weeks. For the beginners prior to join a reformer class highly recommended to complete Intro Offer classes to familiarise with reformer and fundamental in Pilates.

Pilates Classes Sydney

Mat Pure Pilates

The class is tailored for everyone and for all fitness levels. It is fundamental Pilates workout, based on Pilates Principles and the focus is on strengthening the core, stabilising spine and improving posture. It is the most effective form of exercising and it targets all the muscles in body to feel stronger, taller and aligned. The class is performed using your own body weight utilising the small Pilates props to add a magic workout with the flow and control.

pre-natal Reformer Pilates Wattle Grove

Prenatal Reformer Semi

The prenatal class is Pilates for Pregnancy. It is designed for mums to be to maintain their strength during the pregnancy. It can be performed through all trimesters and toward the end of pregnancy depending on the individual’s ability. Postnatal clients are also welcome to this class

Post Natal Pilates

Postnatal Reformer class

This class is designed for mums to safely start to reconnect and build up the core strength again while working on stabilising and imbalanced muscles. It is welcoming mums with their babies up to 12 months. The babies must remain in the pram, baby capsule, or play mat. Prenatal clients can also attend this class.

Pilates Classes Sydney

Private and Duet class

Pilates is education for life and these sessions are designed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Pilates practice and to familiarise yourself with the equipment. It is customised program structure for people who want better understanding of their bodies and to improve the movement they never thought they are capable of. It is tailored for individual’s needs and goals. Weather is for injury rehabilitation, focus on correcting muscle imbalance. Whether you chose to workout with a friend or a family member these sessions are for you.

Pilates classes Wattle Grove

Barre Pilates

Freestyle ( Barre free) standing Mat Pilates is the perfect endurance, low impact class known as the sweaty Barre. It is full body strength workout performed to Pilates principles of control, precision and flow using your own body weight and utilising the small hand weights, small Pilates ball. It is performed on the mat in Pilates griped socks and it is designed for all fitness levels.

Foam Roller Pilates

Stretch and Mobility class

Foam Stretch and Flow focuses on stretching and release of tight muscles. It is designed to increase flexibility as well as working on balance utilising a small prop foam roller. This class is for everyone and you don’t need to be flexible to join the class. It is 50min class that will set you up for the rest of the day.

Reformer Pilates Wattle Grove

Pilates for Ageing Safely

Designed for people aged 55 and over. This class is focusing on building strong bones density, healthy joints, muscle tone, and spine mobility. While utilising traditional Pilates equipment it optimised and supports balance and stability. Whether you are a beginner or want to maintain your strength you will gradually start progressing into movement while respecting your body.

Mat Pilates Wattle Grove

Online Mat Class

Exercise from the comfort of your own home or vacation. It is 30min class that allows you to take Pilates with you wherever you are. All you need to have is an internet connection and device to access this class. Suitable for Pregnancy up to 16 weeks and people with no injuries.

T- Power Pilates reformer jump class

Reformer Jump

Reformer Pilates group class with the jumpboard that will increase your bone density and strengthen the whole body in a way you have not felt before. Get ready to be empowered as you feel the heat from head to toe. Requires attending 4-5 to our regular Reformer classes before start up jump.

T- Power Pilates pilates fusion class

Reformer Fusion Pilates

This is a Pilates group class utilising Pilates equipment and small props. It is programmed with a variety of exercises that are sculpting and strengthening your body to feel the burn and increase energy. This class is designed for beginners to intermediate level. Suitable for Prenatal and Postnatal.

T- Power Pilates pilates for kids

Pilates For Kids

Joseph Pilates believed that we must “first educate the kids”. Pilates method is an ideal activity for young people that helps them cultivate proper movement habits that will stay with them for life, strengthening their bodies while enabling them to calm and focus their minds. Engaging in Pilates Mat work they will learn physical skills while focusing on body awareness, healthy breathing, purposeful movement and discipline through Pilates principles. Recommended age from 13 and up.

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